Is Sunday Brunch a new religion?

Is there anything better than a brunch with your friends/besties/bf or whoever you would like to have it with on a Sunday? I don’t think so! It doesn’t matter if you had a rough Saturday night tingling and mingling in various clubs or decided to have a night in with Netflix and Chill (which I take quite literal and in no way sexual, if you invite me to “Netfilx and Chill” you got yourself into a night with me in my grey trackies and loaaaads of snacks). A Brunch is the one thing that get’s us going on a Sunday or Saturday, to be fair if you are living the life it gets you going any day of the week.

Is there a specific reason for this? I found strange similarities between going to church on a Sunday and brunch. Why? Well we all know that millennials can’t really be bothered to go to church. But did generations before us actually go church to pray and show how good of a Christian/Jew/Muslim, whatever religion you identify with and to which ever institution you go, they are? Or was it really because that’s where the gossip of the week was exchanged? Growing up in Christian Bavaria, the middle of nowhere with great beer but also a lot of old people, especially grandmas constantly asking why you have not been to church in ages I can only give you my theory on this whole thing.

Church is really just an excuse to find out what has happened during the week in people’s lifes, it’s a way to socialize and find people that you share your interests with. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram being all over the place this spot has shifted to a more virtual space. People find each other because they like the same memes or because they share the love of calligraphy, they are fans of famous YouTubers or love a certain band. Whatever it is that people share and find interesting there is a different space to find like minded people. However nothing will ever compare to a weekend brunch where you can connect with the people you may haven’t seen in ages or you see every day of the week and still want to see for this. It is a way of recapping of what happened during the past week, month or year (depending on how frequent of a bruncher you are), to tell stories that are too juicy to simply discuss them on the phone or cry for the 40th time about that guy John that broke up with you and you are totally over him but maybe not. No matter what it is that makes you go to brunch, do it because it is the time you take for your friends or yourself just to end the week with something good and start the new one fresh and energetic (if that is possible).

But this post would not be complete without some suggestions for my favourite Brunch places to click here to see where I love to go for Brunch in Rotterdam!

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