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As you might have guessed from my post about brunch being a new religion, I am without a doubt part of the “Brunch is my religion” movement. (I hope there is no bigger clothing retailer reading and planning to steal this slogan from me) But where do I go if I fancy a proper brunch on a Sunday or Saturday or any day of the week really? Well as I am currently living in Rotterdam I will give you my favourite places to go and maybe stay for cake afterwards as well…

The first spot I ever went to was De Bakkerswinkel it was not only well known in Rotterdam but also practically across the street from my old apartment. It is one of those classic independent placed with an industrial, hipsterish vibe once you enter the classic Dutch building, located right at Oostplein. I tried my way through several dishes and can’t say I am disappointed. The quiche is just as good as the different breakfast platters but what I am really in love with are the Scones with Cranberry and the classic clotted cream, strawberry jam and lemon curd. Maybe it´s the Brit in me that loves them there so much but they are served still warm and therefore heavenly.

The other day I had my friends from Germany visiting my stomping grounds and got to show of my Reise-Rösi-Skills in picking out a Sunday Brunch spot. I live close to the Nieuwe Binneweg which makes it hard to choose and there is another place coming to this list which is in this street. But we went, more like I made them go, to UEB (Urban Espresso Bar West). I passed this place many times on my way to work and the scandi-inspired interior together with chairs that reminded me of primary school finished by some seats in front of the door facing the sun, just made me want to go there. I was not disappointed with the selection they have, me being a pancake aficionado made the choice quite simple once I spotted they had Blueberry Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup. They were exactly the right mixture between sweet and savoury, in combination with their delicious coffee (one of my faves in R´dam) just the right thing for a chilled brunch. P.S.: We took cake for a little afternoon picknick and it was delicious, totally recommend the Carrot and Chocolate Cake (watch out: this is a Choc-gasm!)

If you fancy a broad selection of Sandwiches and all day breakfast, Bakker&Moore at Westblaak is your address. You can mix and match your sandwich or salad yourself but also choose from a selection of recommendations. Big plus for all the bread lovers out there: you can choose from three different kinds of bread and some specials are even with toasted options. I went for the “Vegantastic”: mixed grilled vegetables, hummus, rocket on sourdough bread sandwich plus added goat cheese. It not only looks delicious but also taste amazing with great flavour, however it is a mess to eat. I don’t know if I am just not made for elegantly eating loaded sandwiches or if it actually is hard. So don’t take your first date here unless you want to let him see the real you right away (something I would totally do tbh).

Last but not least: Coffeelicious. The second spot in Nieuwe Binneweg on this little list. You might not notice it right away but the little blue door leads to a cute café/lunchroom with a rather big back yard, which is a massive plus whenever the sun is out. The coffee here is as the name suggests coffeelicious and the baristas know what they are doing. But even nicer is the brunch they have. If you come with a friend or two or three I totally recommend sharing the morning glory or special (depending on the season). Only speaking of the Morning Glory it consist of pancakes, scones and scrambled eggs on sourdough bread plus a coffee of your choice. When I tell you now that this is exactly what everyone needs you probably wouldn’t argue with me, because you simply don’t have to pick one item but can try a bit of everything, basically a foodies heaven.

You can bet something that this won´t be my last post about brunchspots, but for now this is it. As you might have realized I can ramble about food all the time and will never get tired of talking about it, so excuse the long post. On 9gag I would post a picture of a potato but I first need to find something for my blog that can compete with it.



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  1. Brittsworld says:

    I am from Holland and my father is from Rotterdam so I visit it quite often, thanks for the tips!

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