A foodies guide to London

Given the current events in the UK, I thought it was only fair to declare my love for the city that will forever hold a special place in my heart. Not only because I try to be accepted as one of them by trying (and mostly succeeding) to sound British all day but also because it is one of the most vibrant, inspiring cities I ever had the luck to visit and I am more than sure that British people will never be beaten down by any form of terrorism. So here it is a guide to my favourite food spots in good old London town:

I think by now you should know that I am a big fan of Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch. The wonderful thing about this gem? They have it all and also multiple locations throughout London. What can you expect? A classic 50’s vibe with lot’s of attention to detail and great service. My favourite one is close to Borough Market . Don’t even get me started on the food. The first time I ever went there was after an early morning flight and seriously in need to fuel up for the day. So I went for Chicken&Waffels with a side of sweet potato fries together with a cuppa earl grey tea. Soft waffles topped with tender chicken stripes and really well balanced gravy, what more could you want on a Monday? Well maybe if you have a long weekend you might just go for a late brekkie there. In that case I totally recommend any of the Pancake options they have, my list is topped by the simple Pancakes and Bacon combo with a side of fruit salad and a cuppa tea of your choice. Without a doubt a must go in London but be aware that especially during the weekends there can be long waiting lines, don’t be scared by them. Or just make a reservation like normal people would if they know it is a busy place (not my style but I guess the adult choice to make)


Wanna feel La dolce vita in the middle of London? Pizza Pilgrims is your address for authentic Italian Pizza without big fuss. They have several outlets in all of London but my favourite is the one at Dean Street in SoHo. Why? Simply because “The Crypt” gives it that special something. From the outside the store might look tiny but once you go down the small steps it is just like in a little underrated restaurant run by La Mamma herself. And the Pizzas? Taking you right to Italy with amazingly thin dough, great mozzarella and tomato sauce. I just went with the classic Margherita plus a cheeky San Pellegrino Lemonade which took me right to the lovely summers I used to spend on a campsite in Italy.

Pizza Pilgrims
Only managed to snap one picture because the Pizza was just too good looking and smelling!

Once again a chain, but thinking about it, there is a reason they have multiple stores. Those restaurants are just too good to only have one spot. Their burgers are good, maybe not the best ones I ever had but definitely really nice. The real reason you should go there is the Oreo Milkshake. It is just what you want as a Milkshake-Crazy-Person (hence why I constantly crave them). It has the thickest consistency while just tasting like liquid Oreo cookie, put in one word: HEAVENLY! But don’t underestimate the burgers, nice flavours paired with a good sauce and topped with a fluffy brioche bun. Especially nice before a night out as you can booze up your Milkshake and get the party started at the restaurant.


Why did I just post three spots? Because I could write a million words about food, and especially restaurants in London. I could mention London’s favourite Pret or Wagamamas but I leave it with those three. Because I genuinely believe that there is something for everyone at all of those spots and thinking back at my last visit in November makes me seriously wanting to go back to my city of dreams. Up until then I’ll be in my kitchen trying to recreate that Oreo Milkshake so I don’t have to wait until my next visit in the British capital.

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  1. Brittsworld says:

    You have such a lovely website!! Reallly really like it!! 🙂 Its nice to see a fellow traveller write such nice articles and give top tips!!

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  2. Thank you very much 😉 Yours is pretty cool too as soon as I am back from my business trip I will get reading on some of your London hotspots….need some inspiration for my next visit there 😉


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