Forget about famous sights, Burger places are what makes a city!

Is a city even worth visiting if you can´t find a proper burger place there? Sure New York has the Empire State Building, Berlin the Brandenburg Gate and Paris the Eiffel tower, but is this enough? I have a theory that it is not. No matter who I speak to, the one thing they have in common is the love for a good burger. Is this what actually makes a or breaks a city these days?

I tend to say YES. Whenever I go somewhere I look for the best burger place in town, the better it is the better a city stays in my mind. But why is this such a big hype? Is it because no matter how posh the restaurant is you are allowed to eat a burger with your hands? To be fair for me anything other than eating it with your bare hands is strange. And YES I am the one person at the burger place in Paris that eats it with her hands. Essentially, burgers remind us about how we were able to eat everything with hands when we were kids. So it is only logical that we refuse to grow up and eat like adults. And I am not talking about McDonald’s stuff your face so you are not hungry after a night out but what I mean are grown up burgers with truffle mayonnaise, balsamic shallots and perfectly balanced flavours.

Can the explanation be that simple? Just another theory about millennials refusing to become adults like generations before? Maybe it’s the most silent form of this revolution. Maybe it is not even a revolution but simply the fear of growing up. And even if most of us face a 9 to 5 job everyday or work to make a living, they still don’t feel ready for it. So we escape to the safety zone of a burger place. Where you are reminded of McDonald’s birthday parties as kids, the joy of being able to simply go out and play on a field after school and not being judged for eating with your hands. Of course the burgers we eat evolved from Fast-Food-Chain Cheeseburgers to Medium-Raw Waguy Beef Burger with truffle oil on a homemade brioche bun with a side of hand cut sweet potato fries, but essentially it makes us feel like 7 again and that’s why I hope I am not alone in judging cities by their burger places.

I won´t let you hanging here, I of course made a guide of my favourite burger places ever. So go ahead and be inspired by my tips to plan your next trip and judge a city by its burgers.

DeGema – Porto 

Cool Art, City Center Location, Amazing Staff and an great variety of Burger to choose from are the main selling points of this Burger joint. You should definitely not miss out on their desserts (the brownie is heavenly!) and daily changing juices. The meat es served medium and all the components on a the burger perfectly hug the amazing quality beef!

‘t Koningshuis – Ghent

I found this gem wandering around Ghent on a Saturday evening and almost starving. It is to be fair on the more pricey side of Burger joints, but you get fancy white cloth napkins and 4!!!! different sauces to dip your fries in. The amazing thing about this place is they not only serve beef but also lamb, chicken, turkey, a fish and a veggie burger. So they make sure everyone finds something. I went for the Lambsburger with coriander, fried onions, a tartar from sun-dried tomatoes and baby spinach. All I can say is that the combination of the different ingredients gives one amazing burger, that I would order anytime again.

Joy Burger – Prague

The name is part of the idea. It is truly a joy to eat the burgers here. Great local beef, served medium and with loads of local specialties. To prove how much I like their burgers I’ve been there twice on two different trips, as it is just too good. My favourite burger is the Cheddar Beef Burger with a nice garlic confit on top. (aka a whole pickled garlic clove, love at first sight for me)  A must-try as a starter are the onion rings. Why? They are freshly made, not greasy at all and the chipotle mayo is the perfect dip for them. I NEVER, no word of a lie,  had better onion rings in my entire life! As you can tell I do really like this place so here is another recommendation: the homemade lemonades! No explanation just try them yourself.

I think this is pretty much the right way to start your week and see which burger joint you have not tried yet in your town. You might also want to consider looking for the coolest spot in your vacay destination. So imma be online looking for the best burger places I still have to go to.

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