Lunchin’ in Rotterdam

As a working girl these days I realized how important a nice lunch is. Why? Simply because it’s the fuel that will get you going for the rest of the day. It is even better when it is spend with colleagues, friends or co-workers that happen to be friends as well. I normally bring my own lunch to the office however Fridays are my holy lunch days and I always go out for food.

I’m gonna give you an overview of my favourite restaurants to grab a quick bite in an hour-long lunch break. But don’t get me wrong I also go here if I fancy a nice lunch during the weekend or on a day off or basically whenever I feel like treating myself to a proper lunch.

Op het Dak

Well it is a no-brainer that the closer the spot to your work the more time you have to enjoy your food. And for me Op het Dak is exactly this spot. Right across the street from my office at Hofplein it is the ideal location. But not only this, it is as the dutch name suggests on the roof and therefore great for summer with a nice view on Rotterdam’s center. If the weather does not allow it you can still sit in the beautiful indoor area of the café. The view alone does obviously not justify a good spot for lunch but the food does! What you get here is healthy, fresh and locally sourced. My favourite is the Buddah Bowl with kimchi, rice and Tahini Sauce. But also their salad which varies with the seasons is amazing with a great dressing and even some herbs grown right on the roof.

If you are into your brekkie you will like it here as well as they serve a variety of sweet and savoury options. Together with a freshly pressed orange juice and a view of the city it is just what you need to get your day started or get through the rest of your working day after a relaxing lunch!



Working in a company full of Italians it is inevitable that there must be Italian food on my list. And I picked a spot that will probably hold a special place in my heart forever. Not only do they make great pizza al taglio but they also have options with truffle and everyone who knows me should be aware that I can never say no to a cheeky truffle topping. What makes this spot so great is the fact that it is incredibly fast and you have a broad selection of slices to choose from. My favourties are the Truffel-Cream-Sauce, Potato and Mushroom as well as the Pancetta, Baby Spinach, Mozarella and Gorgonzola Combos. Don’t expect a classic pizza here it is the in Rome invented version of pizza al taglio that is normally sold per 100g however at Sugo you simply buy a slice to a fixed price.

My special tip is to try their cannoli, I am not lying when I say that it is probably the sweetest yet most satisfying thing you can buy in all of Rotterdam. It will immediately let you dream of La dolce vita in Bella Italia with only one bite. My favourite here are the ones that are filled with a hazelnut cream.


District A 

Located right next to the previously mentioned spot District A is a Vietnamese Streetfood Bar/Restaurant in the center of Rotterdam and therefore ideal for Lunch. The interior has a cool hipsterish vibe to it with a long bar and a view into the kitchen. Especially if you fancy a lighter lunch this is your address they serve a grand variety of classic Vietnamese dishes. I can totally recommend the spring rolls, they are super yummy and amazing as a starter/shared dish with your lunch bestie. Both the steamed bao and the bánh mi have great flavour, taste amazingly refreshing and not too heavy…to put it short, they are ideal to fuel up. After a lunch at this amazing place Vietnam always goes up a bit on my bucket list for travelling as it seems a foodie like me has more than enough to discover there. But until that happens I will just continue to go to District A for lunch and keep dreaming about the next adventures!


Of course there are many more places I could name that are great for lunch but most of them are realistically seen too far from my office, so I will leave it with those three. But fear not I will include all the wonderful other spots I discovered throughout my time here in another post. I can’t let simply let the Dutch Foodies hanging like that!

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