A foodies day in Berlin

I currently was in Berlin for business and I would of course not miss out on the chance to have another day in the city to visit my favourite shops and discover some new food places. There are new restaurants and cafes popping out of nowhere faster than you can say “Brandenburger Tor”. As I have been to Berlin on multiple occasions the horrible weather on Saturday was not a problem at all. It simply gave me an excuse to test some new food spots.

Everyone who knows me is aware that I am not exactly the example for healthy all vegan super food shenanigans, not meaning I only shove fast food on me. But on this specific staturday I felt like staring the day healthy, you will see it won’t last long! I headed to a café called Daluma, which serves organic superfood in the center of Berlin as well as smoothies and juices. The interior design is kept simple and if the weather allows it you can sit outside on the steps on some cussions. My breakfast of choice was the Chia-Pudding with Acai-topping and the Dr. Feel Good Smoothies. The smoothie was without a doubt amazing and also the Rest was delicious bearing in mind that it is healthy food. The service is nice and the atmosphere super relaxed so definitely a nice spot for everyone who wants to get the day started on a slightly healthier note.


As a German girl no visit to the home country would be completed without going to a proper bakery and for all the bread lovers this spot is ideal! Zeit für Brot, which in English means literally ‘Time for Bread’, could not better describe the shop’s offer. But they not only have bread they also make bomb-ass cinnamon buns or any other variations of buns, which count to the best ones I’ve ever had. Why? Not only is the dough extremely soft and just the perfect consistency but you can also see where they are making the products with a view of the open kitchen. It is ideal for a little break in the afternoon and a nice cup of coffee with some proper handmade German baked goods. I can totally recommend the Quiche Bun as well as the Cinnamon Bun. But trust me when I say it was one of the hardest decisions to make in choosing what to go for as everything looks delicious and the smell in the bakery does not help this!


If you are looking for a more quite café to maybe even work away on your laptop, I can recommend Blueberry just off the infamous Kurfürstendamm. I guess I don’t have to mention the urban hipsterish vibe going on, but they do not only serve healthy smoothies and fruit bowls but also turkish specialties and handmade soups. If you really feel like getting sh*t done, then this is your place from morning to the afternoon and you can be sure there will be enough fuel for the whole day. As the have their own blend of coffee all the lovers of the black gold will be more than happy especially if you are into the strong wake-up kick.


In case you haven’t noticed by one of my previous posts about the fact that Burger places actually make a city, I am a big fan of of Burgers and always in for some juicy meat on a fluffy bun! So my dinner choice clearly fell on a spot which I heard amazing things about which was only proven once I arrived there. Shiso Burger! It was packed, yet they managed to provide me with a seat in 15 short minutes. The menu features a selection of meat burgers and also a vegetarian option, it is not your classic american burger joint but has a Asian twist to it. I went for the burger which was just the right amount of spicy with Korean chilli, beef strips and kimchi. Instead of the classic fries I went for edamame, another hint at the Asian influence. It was all served in a classic wood basked and the flavours where delicious. The bun fluffy with sesame seeds on top and the sauce on the burger was divine. The soy beans where a great addition to it. On top.of it all they also have their own drinks and the homemade shiso ice t is more then recommended to be added to the bill.
If you are genuinely looking for a spot that gives you another twist on the classic meat patty on bun this is the place to be!


It would sound like all I did was run from one spot to another simply to eat but a day in Berlin can be very long so after a night out I could obviously not miss out on eating a Döner Kebab. Many of you might not know that Berlin is actually the home of the kebab and therefore the place to eat one. My choice this time fell on IMREN, it is not the classic version as they stack their meat themselves but it is amazingly delicious. As you can imagine I do not have proof of eating this beast at 4 am in the morning but would I ever lie when it comes to food? Eggsactly! With homebaked bread and self-made sauces (herbs and hot is my go to combo) it is just what you want for your snack kebab at any time of the day!

And if this post did not convince you to go to Berlin and dive right into the culinary variety this city has to offer, then I don’t know what will!

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