Travel with me to: Alberobello and Polignano a Mare

Yeah I am one of those people who wants to go somewhere solely based on the pictures I’ve seen of a place. And those two have been allover my Instagram pretty much all summer. So I luckily discovered that there are daily flights to Puglia from my local airport, which made me book a late summer trip to the very south of Italy.

There will be another post about Bari as this is where I stayed most of the time, but let’s start with the two diamonds of the region. Well the two I visited this time. I am sure it won’t be my last trip there, because food and weather duh.

Starting from Bari you can easily get to both towns by train or just stay there and do a little round trip, you will have plenty of airbnb’s, b&b’s, hotels and even camp sites available.
If you know the drill in Italy especially in the south you need to either go early in the morning or late in the afternoon as the siesta is still the holy grail of the region’s lifestyle. I wish I could nap everyday from 1 pm to 5 pm…literally my dream come true. Maybe also the reason I felt so at home there.



Speaking of dreams, (worst transition ever) my dream is to get one of those adorable trulli houses, Anna dello Russo style, and make it my holiday home. They are just amazing and super cute. Plus they existed for hundreds of years and still look pretty dope. While you can find many of them on the way to Alberobello. Probably the biggest number can be found in the city itself. Which has also been declared UNESCO world heritage. If you follow me on Instagram you will see some of my favourite trulli houses there but I’ll insert a picture of them here…if anyone wants to buy me a holiday house, one of those trulli houses on the country side please!



After a morning walking through traditional Puglian houses I used the siesta to make my way to Polignano a Mare. The name indicates it pretty clearly it is right at the Adriatic sea and boy is it pretty there. I’m talking clear turquoise water with white houses on top of the cliffs…thinking about Greece now?



Think again because this little gem is definitely in Italy and so worth a visit. Cute little bars, restaurants and cafes are spread through the old town and the steady breeze of sea air surrounding you, makes for a perfect holiday trip. The city’s beach is one of the main attractions as it is located right between two cliffs and makes for a one-of-a-kind beach experience. If you’re more about the photogenic site of the whole thing, you can walk over the bridge…the one with the view on the before mentioned beach…and take the second street to your right. There you will not only find a statue of the famous ‘Nel blu dipinto di blu’ singer Domenico Modugno (in case you need to be reminded of the lyrics: Volare oh, oh; Cantare oh,oh) but also steps leading to a cliff that not only serves as a lunch spot with an excellent view but is also pretty dope for some proper pictures of the city.



And even though I went off season there is still plenty to do and less tourists than from June to august. One of the many perks is having the said beach almost to yourself and never having to worry about getting a table at the recommended restaurant without a reservation. So go ahead and book your trip to this beautiful region in Italy, I heard it is pretty romantic in autumn as well for all the love birds out there. And for the ones still looking: You won’t be disappointed with all the handsome Italians.


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