A working week in breakfasts

I have been spaming you lot with travel posts so much lately, one could think I don’t actually enjoy eating as much as I used to. That is obviously not the case. This is why over the past week (more like Monday to Friday) I collected some snaps of my breakfasts and will share with you the recipes. I feel like when it come to breakfast I can be quite vanilla and only eat granola for 4 months straight and couldn’t be happier, especially with the selection in good old Germany. But I wanted to maybe inspire some of you with easy peasy and delicious brekkies to lighten the mood on a not so amazing day. I am literally writing this on a Monday morning, sitting in the sun on the terrace, reminiscing about my week in Paris a year ago and wishing I could just hop on the TGV or Thalys to eat some macarons as well as enjoy the savoir-vivre.

You see reminiscing….well here we go with my food coma worthy dishes.

Monday – All about the Avo

It’s simply a great start to the week if you can  put a perfect avocado on a fresh baked sourdough bread. It is also the incarnation of basic bitch breakfast. To top things up I  added a spread of salted cream cheese and switched it up with pumpkin seed cheese, yes it does exists for all the health nuts out there. As I felt like having granola as well I added the Koelln Muesli with Raspberries in a bowl with grapes, pear and soy yogurt. At the beginning of last week I was still recovering from a little cold so my drinks of choice where a cup of peppermint tea and the classic OJ, you’ll see it is coming back in every single one of these brekkies because my day does not start without it. I am in fact sitting here with a glass of it right next to me.

Tuesday – An Apple Cinnamon Affair

Pretty creative name for something that simple. I actually was craving waffles on Tuesday so I consulted my trusted friend Pinterest for any inspo for that matter. Last week was classic fall weather, meaning dark grey clouds and the need to whack out the winter coat in the evening. So this breakfast made with Cinnamon and fresh apples is the right thing to warm you up, weekday or weekend. You can find the recipe here. To make it post worthy I added apples for some freshness and a scoop of curd or Quark in German to add a bit of tangy sourness in order to balance the super sweet waffles. You can also use Greek yogurt with a high percentage of fat to get the taste. Staying vanilla with the drinks as I am drinking a cup of Moroccan mint tea and OJ again.

Wednesday – Varied Quicky

As I had to be the first one at work that morning I went for a really simple healthy savoury mixture. Starting off with some sourdough baguette topped with delicious smoked ham and Camembert. In order to not start the day without vitamins, I went for a bowl of granola with pear, apple and soy yogurt. Quick easy and yet varied enough to make a good start to the day. The classic beverage choices where OJ and my fav black tea which is from the Bremer Teekontor and called Klönschnack. They have awesome tea and I am more than happy that they opened a store in the next big town to indulge on some awesome loose leafs.

Thursday – Avo the 2nd

We all know that an avocado is a rather difficult thing, it’s either too hard or to soft and if you do open it the right moment you better devour it fast. Well what can I say, I had to eat this one as I opened it on Monday and it astonishingly did last until Thursday. You can probably tell by similarity and simplicity of the pictures above that I was in a hurry that day. So avo on rye bread roll and some grapes with OJ and Mint tea was the resonable choice to make. At least this is something that can literally be done by anyone and as fast as you can say “Avocado on toast”!

French Friday 

A bit more time on my handy on Friday so it was time for French toast. I mean never heard of French toast Friday? I’m making it a thing! Not any old one though. Thinking about it is not the hardest thing to make, simply get some good old toast (yeah the unhealthy, white, non-nutritious one is the best for it), spread jam (only the homemade one by my mum herself) or Nutella (one on each toast seems reasonable), fork it and lay it in some whipped up eggs and heavy cream mixture. It’s best if it is super soggy by the time you put it in the pan. Once fried up let it cool down and dry off the fat a bit, then cut it in half and arrange it more or less pretty on the plate. As I am not the person to be able to handle all the sweetness, I once again added Quark (the weird stuff Germans love) but also powdered sugar and maple syrup. Perfect start to the Friday and also great base for classic after-work drinks!

To be quite fair I will probably go back to eating my basic ass granola most days but isn’t it nice to once in a while throw in something special, maybe at the weekends for brekkie in bed or to get your lover boy or girl to make it for you.

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