Three European Getaways for New Year’s Eve

As me and my girls are currently in the planning of this year’s trip to end the old year in style and start the new one just like the old one ended. We still have to decide where we are going this year and how it is going down, but that does not stop me from giving you three destinations for your New Year’s Eve Trip of a lifetime. If you are still on the lookout those three make great last minute trips.

Budapest – Hungary

The capital of Hungary can be an icy bitch during the end of the year. Located directly at the Danube the wind can be harsh. You however, will sure as hell get a super festive feeling as most of the city is still decorated with Christmas lights and it is just utterly beautiful for a short trip. We went out for new year’s eve dinner at La Botte which I can only recommend as it is central and has great value for money we had a 5 course meal including steak and truffle ravioli (which where so good I will never forget them) for only 45€.  Once we finished with dinner we headed to the riverbanks, where we were greeted with no fireworks but masses of people, also waiting for them. So make sure to bring your own Champagne or Prosecco and some sparklers to make the most of it. Well, you can’t end the night just after midnight, can you? So off we where to a club which was pretty nice, you should however be aware that they charge a little more during this night, music wise there’s a place for everyone.

I would suggest you best arrive on the 29th or 30th of December get familiar with the city and do the sightseeing already before the parties on the 31st and then you can simply head the to thermal baths on the 1st of January to just relax. I am giving you this tip because we didn’t do it and it was hard to walk in -15°C, hangover and tired. There are plenty of cafes to warm up in and the not-to-miss delicacies of Kürtöskalács, sweet cakes made freshly over coals, and Lángos, deep fried dough topped with garlic butter (loads of garlic), sour cream, paprika powder and cheese. So no worries they will bring you up to temperature in no time!

If you are looking for a unique city to enjoy the turn of the years and maybe even relax on New Year’s Day you will be more than well advised to go to Budapest.

Madrid – Spain

The weather here is undoubtedly less freezing so that is a point speaking for it, if you tend to be of the freezing kind. Traditionally the evening is celebrated with the family at home at a huge dinner so finding a restaurant that is open for the night is rather difficult. I can’t complain about the choice that has been made with Taberna del Chato right around the corner from the Puerta del Sol where the twelve strikes of the clock indicate the New year. As it is tradition, we also ate 12 grapes to make 12 wishes that where made, as it is some time ago I can tell you that one of my wishes was fulfilled that same night by proving that the hot guy at the bar was french and not gay. We walked through the streets of Madrid after dinner looking for a cool club to go and ended up in a Gay Club called Studio 54 and trust me it was as glorious and fabulous as it sounds.

If you decide to go to Madrid with a couple of friends I can warmly recommend the Mad4You hostel the location is super central so you can basically walk everywhere, breakfast is included and the private rooms are all with private bathroom as well. Don’t miss out on the great atmosphere of the Mercado de San Miguel, drinks on the rooftop of Mercado de San Anton and the surrounding area.

For everyone looking for a huge fiesta and milder temperatures, food markets and good restaurants: Madrid’s the one for you!

Vienna – Austria

Especially for Germans this is a great getaway not too far away and yet always worth a visit. It is not only the city of opulent buildings, musical geniuses, opera and former home to the king of Austria-Hungary, but also a place where you can be sure to party into the new year in style. Once again we went out for a multi-course dinner at Wrenkh which is a modern restaurant and cooking salon in the center and serves some nice dishes, with a special New Year’s Eve Menu. Once finished at dinner we headed to one of the many outdoor stages where they play music as the whole city center turns into one big party starting early in the evening of the 31st of December. Once it is 12 and you wished everyone a “G’sundes Neues” (Happy New Year) and give one another a “Busserl” (Kiss on the cheek) the real tradition begins. Every stage starts playing classical music and you are expected to dance a Waltz on the street, with whom is your decision but just grab your best friend or boyfriend and dance away!

You should by no means miss out on the Naschmarkt which is a food market combined with some restaurants and on a cold December night you will be more than happy to maybe warm up with some dumplings at Asia Time. If you happen to be in the Neubau-Distrikt at night make sure to check out Die Parfümerie for one or two of their signature cocktails, trust me you do not want to miss out on this hidden gem, dope ass bathroom included.

Looking to dine and party in style? Head to the Austrian Capital and get captivated by the mixture of classic bulidings and modern concept stores. A city that has truly something for everyone in stock!

So what are you waiting for grab your friends, family or whoever you feel like and plan your New Year’s Trip. I will guarantee you it will be a trip to remember and it might even turn into a beautiful tradition like it did for me and the girls.


Budapest 8

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