Travel with me to: London – 3 Gloomy & Glorious Days

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I recently went to London, to spent 3 days with my sister, my friend Andrew and her sister in the city of my dreams. Let’s just say it was basically a little trip for shopping (Spacenk I’ve missed you) and showing the “little ones” around the city. So do expect some dope tips on how to make it work to see the major landmarks in a weekend, without missing out on the fashion and beauty scene!

Most importantly when going there is a well located accommodation. I do like to book Airbnb’s when in bigger groups, but to be fair London is a shithole for anything central and affordable. So I went on the good ol’ internet and searched some places. We ended up staying at the YHA Central London right in Bolsover Street, just a stone’s throw off of Oxford Street. So a majority of sights and shops can be reached with a short stroll through the city. If I say short I am talking approximately 15km per day. As we decided to literally walk everywhere we wanted to go, you will see how much exercise we actually had down below.

Day one – Meeting the Queen

Fuel up before a proper sightseeing tour. What other place than The Breakfast Club springs to your mind? So we headed to to one in Soho, you know the yellow one with the massive line at around 11 am. Yeah we queued up and trust me non of my companions where disappointing, overwhelmed would be the better term. On the Table we had a varied array of Elvis Waffle, Pancakes & Bacon with scrambled egg, Green Chilli & Cheddar Waffles and the Salted Caramel Banoffee Pancakes accompanied with Hot Chocolate, English Breakfast Tea and Slow Boy Juice. As always nothing didn’t taste heavenly. But we didn’t just to come and eat food, first stop was the hustle and bustle of Picadilly circus underlined with a pretty talented singer called RIIVER (don’t forget the two i’s!). It doesn’t get more London than this. We continued our “little” stroll to the Buckingham Palace and St. Jame’s Park for some OOTD’s and classic tourist pics in front of it, before heading to the almost fully covered Big Ben and checking out Westminster Abbey on the way. We did make our way to Trafalgar Square passing by Downing Street 10 to see if good ol’ Theresa May was in the house. Well if she was there she did not want to meet us.


As I was desperate to get to Covent Garden to check out The Ordinary/Deciem store we headed there and already gazed at the Christmas Decorations.  After my friends got sucked in by one of the street artists, we headed direction Dean Street to get some food in us. Of course we did not forget to check out the new Arket store (obsessed), &other Stories as well as 3ina (great mascara). We ended up in Wagamama’s Noodlelab as I always miss this restaurant in Germany.

End of Day Walking Distance: 17 km, feet did ache a bit but still good to go for another day.


Day two – Views for days

I looked out of the window that morning and it looked like London is going to treat us to another beautiful day until about after brekkie. It did not rain but let’s just say the Big Smoke was as gloomy as it gets. We started of the day with a relaxed breakfast, no queues, at the hostel and then headed for Oxford Street to do some shopping on the way to the City of London. I do have to say that the way there, again we walked, is probably one of my favourites as it really shows you the clash of old and new in London. You will also walk by the Instagram famous Umbrella Shop. You’re probably wondering if we have a special place to be in the city and I can assure you that not just one but two spots are on our/my list this afternoon. First stop straight past St. Paul’s Cathedral is Skygarden where I reserved us a spot to see the city from above for free. I do recommend it as you really have a great view of the Tower Bridge, Tower of London, the Shard and St. Paul’s but also the London Eye, Tate Modern or the OXO Tower easy to spot. Plus it is pretty impressive how many plants can be grown in a skyscraper, also the wall from the building in front of the entrance is total blogger goals for ootd/n’s.


As we where just around the corner from Leadenhall Market I needed to show the Harry Potter fans Diagon Alley IRL. For anyone not wanting to hassle with tickets online for Skygarden, you might just want to check out the rooftop at One New Change, the shopping center right next to St. Paul’s. Make sure to have your phone/cam ready on the elevator as the way up is with a view on the church as the elevators are placed more than perfect. On top you have the best view on the cathedral, the shard and also the London Eye in the far back. As the Space.NK was located quite conveniently and I was afraid I would not get a chance to go there the next day, I had to go in and splurge on some goodies.  If you see the pictures from the rooftop you probably think I have been there in the middle in the night. I wasn’t London is just bloody dark at 4.30 already. I do get all the complaining from the Brits. After the walk we where of course starving, bearing in mind we only went for a meal deal for lunch, yeah the foodie does enjoy a proper M&S, Tesco, Waitrose or Sainsbury’s deal. But in the evening the real foodie came out and we were all craving for Burgers. There are plenty of places for that but a real recommendation is Patty&Bun at Goodge Street, it is a small joint with minimal interior and a well but small curated selection of Burgers, including a Veggie & Chicken Version. Deliciously medium cooked beef patties with a fluffy brioche bun. The coleslaw is great as well and has a spicy twist, so nothing for the faint-hearted.

End of the Day Walking Distance: 17 km, resources are running low.


Day three – The Walking Dead

The Last Day so naturally we needed to start it with a proper breakfast and as we are all Germans, we can’t go 3 days with out going to a proper bakery. Gail’s was calling for us in Wardour Street. The most friendly, lovely staff paired with a broad selection of baked goodies and healthy brekkies is exactly what you need on a Friday morning. I went for a Quiche Lorraine, Pain au Chocolate and a Latte. It was as glorious as it sounds. It was probably the hardest decision to make, because everything looks to die for. If you are into your Hot Chocolate this is apparently the place for you to go, according to my sister and friend, blame them if it is not up your standards.


Lord, did we need this breakfast more than ever, we where walking to the Natural History Museum next, of course not without stopping at Harrods for a quick stroll around. (and a free sample of the bee venom night cream from Rodial, thanks to the lady for making me obsessed) If you want the classic Christmas Feeling you need to see the ice rink right in front of the museum, surrounded by trees and fairy lights. It is just magical as soon as it get’s dark, it can almost beat Somerset House’s ice rink. But the real reason we can: Skeletons! There are more than enough of them, the most iconic and impressive one is probably the majestic whale in the entrance hall. But if you are into your Dinos you found the right place. Not exhibited as majestically as in the NYC pendant but still really cool and they reconstructed a T-Rex which looks terrifyingly real. If you are more into gemstones, it is definitely worth checking out the Aurora in The Vault, it is magical and breathtaking.  To your suprise we did not end up walking home but took the underground at Harrods to go to Covent Garden and head for dinner. The thorough reader of this blog will know that one of my favs in London has a restautant there. As the decision fell on to Pizza for the night there was no other place but Pizza Pilgrims. As already told in my ‘Foodies guide to London’ they do make authentic Italian Pizza, no fuss. However, you can add real buffalo mozzarella if you wish and you even go for a truffle pizza. Still really recommend the place. It was time to head to the airport not much later to chill out there till the flight back early in the morning.

End of the Day Walking Distance: 26 km, luckily no more walking the next day.



As you can see it is possible to almost walk everywhere in London, you just need some willpower. If you happen to take the underground I can thoroughly recommend contactless or Oyster cards as otherwise the TFL will rip you off big time. There are of course plenty other place to go and see while being in London but for us those where the priorities other than shopping. I mean you probably already guessed that Borough Market is undoubtedly one of the best places, as well as a trip to Shoreditch for Vintage Shopping and Street Art. Most of you will already know that the city has truly something for everyone. So make sure you visit it whenever you get the chance!

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