Travel with me to: New York City – A photo journey

It’s been a fair few years since I’ve been to New York, but that trip always comes back to my mind. Which is why I decided to make a blog post to reminiscent the amazing week throughout Valentine’s Day I spend in the Big Apple. This actually brings me to my fondest recommendation: go there in February. Yes, it can be quite cold (-5°C was the standard) and the chances of a snow storm delaying your flight or cancelling it all together is a tiny bit higher. BUT you will have the city to yourself. Well, almost. My friend Lea went the same year in August, aka prime time, and her pictures are people over people over people and just crowded masses. Mine on the other hand show NYC with a couple of people; the classic steps on Times Square where almost empty when I went there. I am sure I will go back to the city to simply explore the food scene some more and get lost in Brooklyn, Meatpacking, Greenwich Village and the likes. For now let me convince you that going there in February does make for some great pictures!

Times Square

NYC - Ads Galore
Just a glimpse at all the adverts trying to get your attention while you stroll around Times Square.
NYC - Times Square by Day
The classic view of Times Square with the sun peeking through just at the right time.
NYC - Times Square by Night
You will never see anything like Times Square at night. Maybe it is even too much for your brain to handle the first time.
NYC - Times Square
Getting that shot! Especially during the winter months those mysterious clouds make for great pictures.
NYC - Broadway
Wanna know where to find me in 20 years? Try knocking on the door to this building. Definitely my favourite in NYC, with the contrasting skyscrapers surrounding it.


Brooklyn Bridge

NYC - Brooklyn Bridge
Details of the world’s famous Brooklyn Bridge. Isn’t it impressive how this construct spans over the East River?
NYC - Brooklyn Bridge View
View’s ain’t too shabby. Seeing the city with this distance is even more breathtaking.
NYC - Downtown
When the strings of the Bridge make for an artsy look on downtown NYC and the financial district.


Empire State Building

NYC- Empire State Building
Stepping out the VS flagship store on 6th avenue with a view like this is never a bad thing, now is it?
NYC - Downtown View
Downtown NYC with the One World Trade Center still in building.
NYC - Flat Iron
A different view on the Flatiron Building is something you won’t easily get anywhere else.
NYC - Empire State Building Reception
Have you ever seen a reception area quite like this?! Me neither. No wonder they charge you 20 quit to go up there.


Staten Island Ferry

NYC - Staten Island Ferry
Free views of the Skyline and the Statue of Liberty are a total seller. The ferries go back and forth constantly, so even if you miss out on one just take the next.

Natural History Museum

NYC - NHM Entrance
The entrance of the museum is a kid’s dream come true, especially if you grew up watching Night at the Museum. Do not miss out on the Dum Dum Gum Gum
NYC - Blue Whale
For anyone being slightly obsessed with the ocean, like me, you need to check out the life size whale. I legit sat there for about half an hour just staring at it.
NYC - Dinosaurs
All the Dinos made the inner child in me happier than anything. It is the most fascinating exhibition in the whole museum.
My imaginary apartment would have a view across central park like the upper floor of the Natural History Museum. A girl can dream right?!


The Streets of NYC

NYC - Being American
Patriotism at it’s finest. The one thing I realized was how much Americans must love their flags. They are EVERYWHERE!
NYC - Public Library
Carrie Bradshaw’s dream wedding location is a must visit. It really is breathtaking once you walk up the stairs to the first floor.
NYC - Views
Classic street views strolling through the city.
NYC - Nights
A nightly beauties around every corner with the classic yellow cabs in the front.
NYC - Met
Anyone wondered how eating at the Met steps à la Gossip Girl is really like? Crowded. But you do feel quite sophisticated even if you just munch on a hotdog. Oh what TV Shows can do to us…
NYC - Midtown
Sunset Avenues on the way to Grand Central.
NYC - One World Trade Center
The now opened One World Trade Center still in it’s building phase. Aren’t those cranes the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen. And I always wondered how they build those all glass skyscrapers.


Grand Central Station 

NYC - Grand Central Lights
The poshest train station you will ever visit. I mean look at those chandeliers casually hanging in a public space. Oh the decadence!
NYC - Grand Central Hall
While everyone was busy trying to catch their train, I took a moment to appreciate the Grand Central in all its glory.

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