Christmas 2017 – My favourite spots in London

I had the pleasure to spend time in London close to or during the Christmas time. And let me tell you there is no other place that does it quite like the British Capital. Of course German Christmas markets most definitely have their appeal but the Big Smoke is just something else. I made your time in London during this magical time easier by summing up my favourite spots during this jolly time.

Oxford Circus  & Regent Street

If you are into street lights than those two and the intersection between them is what your dreams are made of. There are plenty of streets that are decorated with the most creative and colourful lights but the classic approach of those London classics is something not to miss. Especially if you see all the red buses jotting up and down the streets giving you the perfect London moment.

Christmas - Oxford Street 2Christmas - London Regent Street

Somerset House

I am not a romantic person but boy would I love to go on a date at the Somerset House Ice Rink. Please, someone, anyone, take me!!! It is the perfect location with different styles of music playing at certain days, but let’s face it Michael Bublé is the real king of this ice rink. If you enter the courtyard you are greeted by a gianormous Christmas tree with the backdrop of purple, pinkish colours from the ice rink and facade. It is simply magical at night with a mulled wine or hot chocolate in your hands.

Christmas - Somerset HouseChristmas - Somerset House 2

Leadenhall Market

Not only is it one of my favourite places in the City in general, due to the clash of 21st century skyscrapers meeting 14th century market hall. But the amazing Christmas tree in the middle combined with the year round moody lighting is just so cute and wants you to cuddle right into your companion….yet again London is making me turn into a Romantic.



It is a sight worth seeing all year round. The enlightened facade of the world famous department store compares to nothing else but during Christmas time everything get’s topped up a notch. A Christmas tree above the entrance, all street level windows surrounded by fairy lights and the special department opened just for this season, make it a must visit.

Christmas - Harrods

Winter Wonderland

As a German this might not come as a suprise. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is essentially every kids dream come true. Rides, Sweets, Foods stalls and a beer tent make it my heaven on earth. The light installations and ice rink are also pretty cool but the atmosphere in the German tent is really comparable to Octoberfest with all the classics playing live. For adrenaline junkies, like myselfe, there are plenty of rides such as the Munich Loop, The Hangover or the Christmas Coaster. So grab your friends and head out for a day full of fun and food.

Christmas - London Winter Wonderland 2Christmas - London Winter Wonderland

I realized while writing this post that the majority of things are really worth going to as soon as it gets dark. But this should not be a problem as it is dark at about 4 p.m. during the winter months in London. Which makes all the lights all the more fun and gives you more time to appreciate all the beautiful decorations that have been put up. So if anyone is up for taking me on that mentioned date or just to Winter Wonderland…


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  1. Abbie Gaunt says:

    I’m desperate to go skating at Somerset House but I really don’t want to break any bones -the struggles!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trust me it is well worth the struggle. Just grab one of the learners aid thingys or a tall muscular guy to grab a hold of. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Abbie Gaunt says:

        I can definitely get on board with the guy idea!

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