Marrakech: My favourite rooftops

It’s been almost two months since I’ve been to Marrakech and yet I haven’t been motivated whatsoever to write about my trip. So why not start with the place(s) I spent the most time?! In case you followed my trip on Instagram stories, you will know that the best part about the city is the view from up top. So any chance I got to go on a rooftop, I was more than happy to take it. Most of them will be quite touristy, yes most of them are restaurants, but a little break for tea is always a good idea. So here we go shall we?

Rodamón Hostel Rodamon Hostel 2

As my home base during this vacay this rooftop is only the natural choice. This however is truly an escape from the buzzing streets of the Medina. Lot’s of sun loungers, music playing in the background simply put the best place to chill out after a day out in the town or before a stroll through the Souks at night. I reckon it is perfect in summer after you enjoyed the pool downstairs to get up there and get a proper tan on. While in December it is great to get in those rays before getting back to the cold winter in Central Europe with the glow from 20°C sunshine.

Rodamon Hostel 3Rodamon Hostel 5

Atay Café-FoodCafé Atay 4

This is one of the less touristy spots during off-season with super lovely and really welcoming staff. They have a classic selection of Morrocan dishes such as Tagine (You will not leave the city or country without having one per day, trust me!), Briwat or Couscous. Really reasonably priced and located just off Rue Mouassine. I can totally recommend coming here any time of the day, great for a quick juice in the morning, light lunch or a good dinner with a really cool view of the city. Can also recommend for rainy days, their interior game is strong af.

Café Atay 5Café Atay 3Café Atay

Café Kif-KifCafé Kif Kif 2

Directly across the street from the Koutoubia Mosque is the home of this little gem. The staff is once again great fun and super welcoming. It is touristy and if you come too late towards the weekend chances are high the little rooftop terrace is already packed. But any day from Tuesday to Wednesday night it is more relaxed and the waiters have time to joke with you and give you their recommendations. The view on the mosque is like on other and the Tagine is also on point, totally recommend to go for their mojito, without alcohol but with all the flavour.

Café Kif Kif 6Café Kif Kif 3Café Kif Kif 5

NomadNomad 4

If you read any blogs or go on to tripadvisor this place will be all the range for it’s rooftop. Even during off-season you need to make a reservation for an evening spot or be there early. We dropped by for a late lunch and the view on the Place des Épices is probably one of my favourites. It is undoubtedly the most touristy place ever but the view is worth it. I did not think the staff was particularly outstanding for a place like this, rather stuck up and the traditional Moroccan friendliness was missing. The food was decent but way pricier than the average spot. But I guess if you want a view like this and a more European influenced cuisine this is your spot. I could add Café des épices to the list as well but it is owned by the same guys as Nomad and therefore almost the same apart from being across the Place des Épices. It has a similar cuisine, however the vibe is more laid back and not as fancy.

NomadNomad 3Nomad 2

Random findsRooftop Views Marrakech

If I could I would tag the lovely shop owner who let us enjoy the one of a kind view from his house in the middle of the Medina. With views all the way to the Atlas Mountains and the free sight of all the Mosques in the city, this was by far the best view of them all. It was truly magical to walk through his tiny porcelain shop with beautiful plates, Tagines; the pot not the dish; and tiles all the way up to the roof/kitchen. It shows once again the hospitality of Moroccans in the salesman’s words: “Business only in the shop, the rooftop is fun, no business up there!”

There will be more posts about Marrakech soon, when I find my motivation back. Hopefully it will come back before I forget everything about this amazing week. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful city do not miss out on all the rooftop it has to offer.


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