Rotterdam: Newbies & Golden Oldies

 I’ve been back from the homeland of my heart for a week and decided to give it a short round up of my new tried favourites and mention some oldies I couldn’t miss out on. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I am a big fan of Rotterdam and the restaurants it has to offer. Every time I get back to this architecture heaven I am exited as can get for all the new places to be discovered and the my personal hotspots to be revisited.

Golden Oldies

Nine Bar

The perfect spot in the city center to grab a Latte or sit down and chill out checking out the people passing by through their huge windows. It is quite possibly one of my fav places to go to for a nice cup and maybe a naughty slice of cake. The service is always friendly and attentive. Also the perfect spot after an early morning shop at the market before heading back home!

Sugo Pizza

Some of you might be bored by this place already but I have not found anything remotely comparable for a quick lunch. They still have the best pieces of pizza and cannoli out there. Even the tomato-hating population out there will find a slice here. take my favourite with truffle sauce, potatoes, Parmesan cheese and fresh parsley.  Oh, don’t for get to treat yourself to a hazelnut cannoli, you will not regret it.

Little V

A no-brainer is the obligatory visit at this Vietnamese gem. Combining a great dining atmosphere with amazing signature cocktails and delicious dishes to share. Opt for shared sides, my favourite is the Mixed Veggies and pick a main to dig into. I love the Tom Xao Tie, Stirfried shrimp with vegetables and black pepper. For a special occasion one of the menus they offer is amazing. It gives you an insight into everything the restaurant has to offer and  you can trust the chef to pick the right things based on your preferences. Always add one of their cocktails or mocktails, they are refreshing and the perfect pairing for the food.


Green Delight

So I lived in Delfshaven in the west of Rotterdam for about 6 months and passed by this gem almost every day on my way to work, biking obvs. Throughout all the time I had it on top of my list for a nice Sunday brunch, yet never made it there. But during my current visit I finally made it and had a nice late brunch there. It was worth it all the way! Their avocado toast with ginger and spring onion has exactly the right twist in combination with scrambled eggs. As I can not only have a savory dish I also went for the Japanese pancakes with fruit and rice syrup. The combination was just what I needed and is more than highly recommended. The Buddha Bowl and homemade banana bread looked amazing as well. The service is easily one of the best I had in Rotterdam, genuinely friendly, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The perfect combination to the cute interior.

The Tea Lab 

Another place I passed by frequently but never really gotten round to trying. Do I regret it? Duh, it wouldn’t be on this list otherwise, would it. It’s perfect for a granola breakfast, any sort of tea or coffee and has plenty of space to work. Especially during the week it is the perfect spot in the morning before you go about your day. I loved the Berry Nice Yogurt with raspberry coulis, granola and strawberries and their Lattes are pretty good. But the true fave is the Free your Mind Tea! A little birdie told me that their Brunch High Tea during the weekends is quite worth the visit, might wanna check that out.

91 Spices

Have you been looking for a proper Indian place in Rotterdam? Look no further! This newly opened spot is ridiculously pretty furnished and has a prime location right across the street from Blaak station. The most important part is the food so you’ll be pleased to know that it is British Curry Connaiseur  approved. The flavours are greatly balanced and the sauce is nice and thick just like it is supposed to be for my taste. The Madras Curry with chicken and medium spice is just the right thing for a rainy Sunday. Dipping into the rich dish with the homemade naan is just what you didn’t know you needed as therapy! The great service and the free Papadums with three different dips to start of the dinner adding to the reasons to not miss out on this gem!

If you thought my list is not longer, you are wrong but I did not get around to trying all the restaurants I wanted to, as I had to visit some faves and also get in the classic Kapsalon, which is always worth it. I will be back for all the other foods and drinks, so don’t you worry!

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