My Travel Bucket List – PT. I

To be honest with all of you, I have not been the most active in terms of travelling so far this year. The main reason being, that I should get my shit together and finally finish that Bachelor thesis of mine. Which I am doing, don’t you worry. But whenever I see someone’s Insta full of travel pics I am just too tempted to check what’s in store for this year. Well, I have two trips already planned: Lisbon, next week and the south of France at the end of July. That leaves many more months open during the rest of the year. So the other day I got thinking what actually is still on my bucket list and here are my top picks that I definitely wanna see, maybe not this year but in the near future.

Israel and Jordan


My mum and dad check out Israel on a week long study trip and the pictures I saw where more than convincing, not that I needed them but you know. Not only the food but also the rich culture and difficulties this country had/has to deal with are something I’ve always been keen on experiencing. The diversity of a modern metropolis like Tel Aviv, the traditionalism of Jewish life in Jerusalem and simple life in a Kibbuz. Don’t get me started on the food! Kosher meets Mediterranean influence meets the Middle East, you can have anything ranging from fresh fish right by the coast to hummus and falafel. My mouth starts watering just from writing and thinking about it! Well, Jordan is just the logical next place to go. After a relaxing and probably fascinating swim in the Dead Sea the border is right there checking out Wadi Rum in the south, then heading north to Petra and ending in Amman. The city that not only let’s you see pieces of the past but also has a modern vibe.



I know it has become a certain trend to go to South-East Asia and backpack for a couple of weeks possibly months. At the moment the country that really tickles my fancy there is without a doubt Vietnam. I am obsessed with their cuisine and heard the most amazing things about the locals. Plus a solo trip on a motorbike through the countryside seems right up my alley. Plus with the vibrancy of Hanoi and it’s Old Quater calling it is truly a all in one trip. City and country escape right at your doorstep…well hostel dorm room door. Plus the Vinh Ha Long coast seems like a good place to just wind down from the hectic of a major city. I think it is pretty clear that Vietnam is not just attractive for its food but also for the variety of things to do and see during a trip there.

New Orleans


Probably not the first destination on most buckets lists when going to the USA but for me it is ahead of anything else there. Why? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it’s the beignets, if they’re good enough for Kim K they’re good enough for me right? More likely it is the stories I’ve heard from friends and other travelers about this beauty down south. Walking through the French Quarter, enjoying a chill afternoon in City Park and visiting one of the many museums. Sounds like plenty activities are waiting. Plus timing the trip right and going during Mardi Gras will probably guarantee for the trip of a lifetime! The biggest plus of them all? I heard the Jazz scene is pretty vivid with veterans and newbies playing at the various clubs. If that does not convince you I don’t know what will….oh yeah maybe the food. Soulfood, Carribbean and Seafood meet to make wonderfully unique dishes or that’s what if’ve heard….you can imagine I’m already packing my bags just in case I find a cheap flight.



From the hot and humid New Orleans to a much colder yet probably just as charming place: Iceland. Growing up on the country side it is only logic that I am gravitating towards outdoorsy destinations whenever I can and Iceland has been on my list for quite awhile. Nordic countries have always had a special place in my heart and on my bucket list, due to the relaxed atmosphere and cool people living there. Plus being stuck in Ireland for a whole week back in 2008 due to the infamous eruption of the volcano with an unpronounceable name, made me curious for this little island. My ideal itinerary would look like this: Starting off with two days in Reykjavik to roam through the streets of this picturesque city, then off to rent a van and check out the Ring Road, basically surrounding the whole Island. Passing by waterfalls, glaciers, lagoons (everyone needs a little time out!), abandoned planes and northern lights. Well, the last one only if you’re lucky and come at the right time, meaning somewhere between September and end of March.

As indicated by the “pt. I” up top, this will not be my last post about my bucket list destinations but for now that’s it. I gotta start planning some more trips, or continue writing my thesis….we’ll see what wins. In case you are wondering the pictures are all taken from Pixababy and are free to use for anyone. For the lack of my own photos I added those to illustrate and am truly happy that there are people out there that give me the possibility to use their creative property, to make my post a little better!

If you wanna know other places on my bucket list or have tips new ones and the ones mentioned feel free to drop me a comment!

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