Restaurant Review: Alberto Pozzetto

I decided to hit you with a new category in 2019: Restaurant Reviews. I think certain places deserve their own space because I wouldn’t do them justice by including them into a round up. The place I am starting this new spaces with is Alberto Pozzetto in De Pijp, Amsterdam.

Technically speaking it is not a full on restaurant, but let’s face it everyone loves a good alliteration. When you step into this little shop you immediately have the feeling of entering a little neighbourhood Alimentari. The charm of simple wooden tables surrounded by Italian produce, ranging from Olive Oil to fresh pastries. Of course you will also get a good selection of wine as well as cheeses and salumi (cold cuts). It is your perfect escape when you don’t have the chance to hop in a plane to Italy just about now.

alberto pozzetto lunch

Those should be reason enough to go Alberto Pozzetto but if I start my iteration on the pasta they offer, your mouth will start watering and you will curse me for telling you about this spot. It will be very hard to choose I can tell you that much but you can mix your portion as you would like so a little bit of everything is an option. I can highly recommend the Lasagna al Tartufo. Creamy layered plates of pasta with mushrooms and shavings of truffel and a little bit of truffle oil make this the perfect Sunday comfort food. Talking about comfort food: Gnocchi with pumpkin and goats cheese is another awesome dish they offer occasionally. The richness of the cheese and the soft pumpkin pieces really compliment each other in a very unexpected yet delicious way.

alberto pozzetto cake

Trust me once you had some lunch here you will feel the need to try their baked goods and this is more than justified. Grab a Cappuccino and pick a piece or two from the counter. If you are addicted to lemon flavoured anything then the Lemon-Yoghurt-Cake is for you. Soft like a pillow with the most sublime lemon touch and a freshness to it that makes you question why you never had a piece of this before. If you head here for an early morning coffee before heading to the market, the croissants (cornetto) are probably the closest match to the Italian ones that you can get outside of Italy. The slight citrusy flavour with a more dense consistency than their french counterpart throw you right into the holiday mood.

If all of this did not convince you to go there I am not sure what else to tell you: You are missing out! For all the Amsterdam couch potatoes that can’t be bothered to leave their house or anyone that passes by when there is no free seats left: Fear not, they do take-outs.  So just pick your dinner or lunch and snuggle up on your sofa while the food heats up in the oven, filling your house with the smell of Italy!


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