Summer ’18 in Pictures

There has been a steady trend towards analog cameras and the classic point-and-shoot versions from the 70’s and 80’s. I am joining in on this trend by taking the unsustainable “Throw-away camera” Road, for now that is. I am still on the hunt for my analog camera but that is a story for another time, feel free to hit me with recommendations though! Last summer I really was really unhappy with digital photography and the need to capture the most perfect picture in a million attempts, this is definitely still a major issue. Which is why I decided to get offline and capture some moments without having the chance to actually see what I produced.

It is the most liberating feeling to not try and get the lighting just right or change your pose a hundred times before finding the right one. Plus it will give you the most nostalgic feeling ever, as it will throw you back to your childhood (at least that’s the case for anyone born in the (80’s/mid 90’s). The excitement of picking up the developed pictures from the store and going through them once you make it home, is of course similarly rewarding. So enjoy this little journey through my summer.

April – Lisbon

lisbon 3
The hike up to Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen is well worth it when rewarded with views like this.
lisbon 2
It might have been April but the blue and white makes you think it’s the middle of August.
lisbon 1
Sunsets with music and wine at the Miradouro de Santa Catarina are the best way to end an evening in Lisbon.

Catania – May

catania 2
Views from the top of Church of the Badia di Sant’Agata with the Etna in the back. Also the chandelier this church has is well worth taking a peak inside it.
catania 1
Best lunch on a hot day in May? Arancini at the beach, that you have all to yourself because no sane Italian goes to the beach in May!

French Countryside – July

france 1
Taking a dip in the clear blue waters and blending in with my blue-white striped number.
france 8
When you have the clearest river in your backyard there is no need for the ocean! Bonus points for the lack of people, so private beach life it is.
france 6
Striped pants, crochet tops and views over Lyon…what else could you need on a hot July afternoon. Oh shade, that’s it.

Bordeaux – July

france 4
When in France have a café au lait and croissant for breakfast, so basically do as the French.
france 3
Also when you have a French Balcony having a picture of you chilling on it is a must!
france 5
Thumbs in pictures are a thing now. But also classic views on Bordeaux’s streets.

Paris – July

france 7
Sneaking pics of unsuspecting shoppers is my fave thing to do at Marché aux Puces.
france 2
I really need to go back to Paris to buy some vintage prints and art. Who’s with me?!

In case you were wondering: Yes, the thumbs in the pics are intentional and also Yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with France. But it is great to look back at those memories, reminisce about the times shared with friends and also discover pictures you had already forgotten about.

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