About Theresa

I’m Theresa and friend’s might describe me as “unapologetically me” when asked to tell someone about me. They might also mention my love for food, which is; not gonna lie; bigger than anything, yes even bigger than my thighs.

Even my favourite thing to do, like all millennials’ hobby and passion: TRAVELLING, is basically just me trying to find the best food spots in a city. I blame my mom for this early developed love of anything sweet, savory, sour and too delicate to even be considered simply food. Whenever she tried something new in the kitchen I had to taste-test it and give my judgement.

Which leads me to another point my friends would mention about me: honesty. Not the pretty kind that everyone claims to have, no, brutal honesty. I am a fan of telling people what I think in a way that is not misleading or wrapped up in nice words, it is purely and utterly my opinion. Which is why if I ever happen to write a review on this blog you will be more than certain that it is my opinion and nothing more or less.

But enough about me, what is this blog going to be about? To put it short I will tell you in my posts about everything from travel tips in my favorite cities, including of course food hotspots, food discoveries or just general things that come up in combination with food or travel.