If there is one thing in life a truly appreciate it is food. My eyes start sparkling with excitement like it´s Christmas. The first cut into a medium raw steak is like opening presents, that will be gone after some minutes but they make you feel all warm and happy from the inside. Writing this post makes my mouth water like crazy thinking about all the delicious and delightful lunches, brunches, dinners and tea times I had. I do not discriminate food because it is too sweet or too sour, anything is welcome to be eaten and tried by me. This long developed love is probably to be blamed on my mother who is a cook and taught me early how to properly appreciate fresh, home-/restaurant-cooked meals without any weird additives or taste enhancers. So shout out to her for making me a spoiled brat that would choose going for dinner over going clubbing anytime!

This is also why I will give my recommendations for restaurants, cafés, dishes or simply theories on food trends space to breath on this page of my blog. Lean back, grab some snacks and enjoy!